Awen: The Threefold Path

The Awen

Pronunciation Key:

Awen: /ɑː.wɛn/ (“ah-wehn”)

Gwyar: /ˈguː.jɑr/ (“goo-yar”)

Calas: /kɑː.læs/ (“ka-las”)

Nwyfre: /’nʊi̯vrɛ/ (“noo-iv-ruh”)

Abred: /ɑː.bɹɛd/ (“ah-bred”)

Gwynvyd: /’gʊɪnvɪd/ (“gwin-vid”)

Ceugant: /ˈkiː.gɪnt/ (“ki-gint”)


In the boundless abyss of eternity, there was the Awen.

Seeking to know other and make itself known, the Awen gave birth to three fundamental elements.

First to emerge was Gwyar, representing the principles of motion and change. Gwyar is the cosmic flow, the rhythm of life and transformation.

Next came Calas, embodying the principles of solidity and form. Calas is the foundation, the structure upon which existence takes shape.

The final element was Nwyfre, encompassing the principles of life and consciousness. Nwyfre is the spark, the vital energy that infuses the universe with life and awareness.

Gwyar, Calas, and Nwyfre grew in complexity and beauty, blossoming into a magnificent cosmic flower. The physical universe was born from this bloom, with galaxies spinning into existence, stars illuminating the vast darkness, and planets taking form from cosmic dust. Each cosmic structure, from the largest universe to the smallest celestial body, mirrored the essence of the Awen with Gwyar, Calas, and Nwyfre woven into their very fabric.

From this foundation, the Awen then birthed the gods. Each god a facet of the Awen’s limitless potential. They were imbued with the elements of Gwyar, Calas, and Nwyfre and given creative agency to shape the universe further. Thus began the grand dance of creation between the Awen, the elements, and the gods. As the source of all, the Awen existing in every aspect of the universe.

Through their unique essences and teachings, the gods began to mold the elements into the consciousness of nascent life forms.

The distinct qualities of these divine beings were etched into the collective unconscious, engraving respective archetypes within the human psyche. Thus, humanity emerged, a unique creation forged from divine essence and sculpted by the hand of the gods. We carry within us the echoes of this divine interaction through the archetypal aspects of the gods. As the gods existed as distinct entities in the cosmos, so too did they become integral parts of humanity’s consciousness. In doing so, humanity became not merely spectators but active participants in the Awen’s grand narrative, co-creators of the existence by which the Awen reveals itself and deepens its self-understanding.

After the physical world of Abred was formed. Life began to experience, learn and grow; there was a need for a space that would bridge the gap between the material and the divine. The creation of Gwynvyd solidified the triadic structure of existence: Abred, the realm of physical experience; Gwynvyd, the realm of spiritual evolution; and Ceugant, the infinite realm of unity with the Awen. Each realm, distinct yet interconnected, providing a pathway for the journey of consciousness towards self-realization and divine harmony.

Circles of Life

The circles of life can be understood as stages of complexity in consciousness. Each circle contains its own lessons, pains, and ecstasies. Just as a being can transition onto more complex forms of consciousness, one can also return into less complex forms of consciousness, should specific lessons at each stage not be learned.

Each circle of life offers unique lessons to be mastered. As one navigates through the experiences and challenges within a particular circle, they gain understanding and wisdom specific to that realm of existence. This experience might involve insights about interdependence in the form of a plant or the subtleties of social dynamics when in animal form. It’s through embracing these experiences and internalizing their lessons that a being matures in its consciousness, ready to transition to the next circle.

However, the journey is not always linear. If a being has yet to fully grasp the lessons of a particular circle, or if they are forgotten over time, the being might return to a previous stage. In this way, each circle is not just a stage to pass through but a realm of existence to fully understand and appreciate.

Moreover, the journey through the circles can leave a lasting imprint. As a being experiences existence in various forms – rock, plant, animal, and beyond – it may develop affinities or connections with these forms. These affinities can persist across lifetimes, shaping the a beings inclinations and experiences in future incarnations.

They should not be understood as a hierarchy or a linear progression. Complex life is entirely reliant on less complex forms of life to exist. The human microbiome, for example, is estimated to contain nearly 39 trillion different microbes. There is nowhere to go and no one to be. One must choose the path they wish, free of prodding by outside forces. Our experiences are simply so that the Awen is known and that we, as the Awen by extension, may be known. We exist to exist. There is time for all things.


The lower realm of Abred is the foundational circle of life and primal vitality. Here, consciousness finds its genesis within diverse life forms, from the smallest single-celled organisms to plants and animals, all moving with the natural world. This realm represents the initial stages of consciousness evolution, where survival, adaptation, and reproduction are paramount.

In this realm, the experience of the Awen manifests as the raw, ceaseless drive of life. It can be seen in the sprouting of a seed, the blooming of a flower, the hunt of a predator, or the flight of prey. Each organism, in striving to survive and reproduce, is an expression of the Awen’s life-giving energy.

Beyond survival, this realm is also a stage of learning and adaptation. Consciousness grapples with the fundamental laws of the physical world, the necessities of survival, the interplay of species, and the balance of ecosystems. It is within this cycle of life and death, growth and decay, abundance and scarcity, that the lessons of Abred are learned.

Human Existence

In the apex of Abred, where human consciousness occurs, consciousness evolves to a level of complexity that endows it with self-aware free will. It experiences the wonder and burden of making choices and bearing their consequences. Here, we are not just subject to the forces of nature but can shape and manipulate these forces to our advantage. While each of us walks a unique path, we are part of a cosmic interplay woven together by the threads of the Awen. The challenge of this stage is recognizing this unity of all things amidst the apparent diversity and individuality.

Awen, representing endless abundance, often appears fragmented due to our perception of unmet needs. Externally, the perception of material scarcity, a distortion of the Earth’s inherent abundance, breeds separation and discord. Internally, our consciousness may also become segmented due to the facets of our psyche we suppress or deny because of societal expectations or personal fears. This psychological segmentation, which can be thought of as conceptually as similar to the Jungian shadow, mirrors the external world’s material scarcity and perceived separation.

The Awen persists beneath the discord and inequalities of human society. Unifying these fragments, both external and internal, demands two pivotal actions. First, it involves recognition and integration of our splintered psyche. This internal process of introspection and self-discovery can be as challenging as it is transformative. Simultaneously, unification also requires the creation of systems of material abundance. Recognizing the inherent abundance in the Awen calls us to uplift all life, not just seek individual prosperity. This task is a shared endeavor requiring collective action and societal transformation.

In this advanced realm of Abred, connection with the Awen becomes more conscious and intentional. Individuals may seek guidance, harness it for creative endeavors, or cultivate it for spiritual growth. As individuals journey through the stages of Abred, navigating the complexities of human existence, integrating the fragments of the self, and fostering the unity of being, they amass a wealth of experience and insight. The lessons learned, the growth experienced, and the profound transformations undergone are not merely personal achievements. They lay the groundwork for the next leap in consciousness evolution – a transition into the realm of Gwynvyd.

For those who have fully absorbed the lessons of Abred – those who have integrated their psyche, embraced the unity of all existence, and taken steps to cultivate material abundance for all – a new circle of life awaits. Gwynvyd signifies the next phase, where the wisdom gained in Abred deepens, and our perception shifts towards a more comprehensive understanding of the Awen.


Once an individual has fully integrated the self and embraced the lessons of unity in Abred, they may find themselves naturally gravitating towards the next circle of life, Gwynvyd. In this higher realm, consciousness remains individualized but operates in an idyllic state, free from the afflictions and scarcity associated with the physical world. Here, disease is non-existent, and needs are always fulfilled; abundance is the prevailing state. In Gwynvyd, individuals are free to live, learn, and experience all things with a profound understanding of the unity and abundance that the Awen represents. Liberation from scarcity and struggle doesn’t lead to stagnation but instead opens up new horizons of experience and growth. The true beauty of Gwynvyd lies in these possibilities.

Although Gwynvyd offers potential and freedom, transitioning into this realm is not trivial. Like a seedling emerging from the soil or a hatchling breaking free from its egg, entry into Gwynvyd can be likened to birth into a new plane of existence, just as one was born into Abred.The initial stages in Gwynvyd may feel foreign and overwhelming as the consciousness acclimatizes to unrestricted freedom and abundance. However, with time and exploration, familiarity grows, and the individual begins to navigate the realm with greater ease and understanding.

This journey, like the one in Abred, requires patience, persistence, and open-mindedness. It’s a long path, marked by countless experiences and lessons that contribute to the continuous expansion and deepening of consciousness.

In this realm, consciousness is not bound by physical needs and constraints. It is a place of exploration, creativity, and spiritual growth, where the lessons learned in Abred are put into practice, deepening our understanding of existence and our place in it. Once a consciousness has learned, experienced, and grown to its heart’s content, it may transcend this form. This transcendence leads to the final circle, Ceugant, where the individual consciousness reunites with the Awen, returning to the source of all life and existence.


Ceugant represents unification with the Awen, the origin and end of all life. In this transcendent realm, the distinction of the individual self dissolves into the expansive unity of all existence. The individual consciousness that journeyed through the challenges of Abred and the near limitless experiences of Gwynvyd now transcends these defined forms and merges with the Awen. This profound reunion is a sublime experience of interconnectedness, an infinite echo of harmony that spans all existence.

In Ceugant, there is no time or space, no division or boundary, only an all-encompassing unity that holds every atom, every star, and every soul in its infinite expanse. Here, the cycle of incarnation may cease, as consciousness may choose to remain in the eternal embrace of the Awen, the origin of being.. Alternatively, the cycle may begin anew, with a return to the realms of Abred and Gwynvyd, enriching the tapestry of existence with the wisdom gleaned from previous cycles.

In this exploration of the Circles of Life, the Awen is a recurrent thread – the divine essence that links all forms of existence and consciousness, underpinning the journey through Abred, Gwynvyd, and Ceugant. It serves as a reminder of our intrinsic connection to the cosmos and the profound unity that pervades the apparent diversity of life. Whether in the primal vigor of Abred, the enlightened harmony of Gwynvyd, or the transcendent unity of Ceugant, the Awen is the guiding force that illuminates the path through these Circles of Life.

The Three Paths

Within the human realm of Abred, there exist three distinct paths that one can choose to follow. These paths provide guidance specific to the human experience, helping us navigate the complexities of our lives and our unique roles. However, these paths are neither rigid nor immutable; they are fluid, allowing for evolution and change as one’s life unfolds. They serve as guideposts, offering a structured way for individuals to interact, engage, and find their place within this realm. Yet, it’s important to remember that while these paths provide direction, they are not restrictive or definitive. They don’t dictate the totality of the individual’s journey through all realms of existence but rather inform and enrich the human experience within Abred.

The Warrior: Warriors of the Awen

Those who tread the path of The Warrior embody a life of action striving against rifts within our material world. They are the guardians and architects of abundance, aiming to create and preserve systems that mirror the plentiful harmony of Gwynvyd here in the realm of Abred. This path engages the material reality, recognizing that the external environment directly impacts the internal state of being and our ability to resonate with the Awen.

As warriors, their primary focus is not on direct spiritual practices but on tangible, practical actions that promote abundance in the physical world. Whether advocating for equitable societal systems, preserving our environment through regenerative practices, or ensuring the accessibility of resources, their every endeavor is aimed at fostering a world that inches closer to the abundance of Gwynvyd. Despite the distance from explicit spiritual practices, the path of The Warrior is a profoundly spiritual journey. The Warrior’s actions, aimed at outward transformation, also heal the internal divisions within individuals caused by scarcity and disharmony. Thus, their work supports the spiritual wholeness of all beings and nudges all towards the unity and abundance inherent in the Awen.

Warriors should strive to align their actions with the flow of the Awen, and in doing so, act not through force but as a conduit for expressing the Awen in the physical world. Their actions, while at times may be forceful, are not forced. Instead, they act in one with the ebb and flow of the cosmos, as directed by the Awen. Even in the face of conflict, their decisions are not made in the rigidity of personal will, but in fluid adaptability. This doesn’t always mean peacefulness or non-violence, but rather moving with the unyielding purpose and seamless connection of a river, adapting its course in accordance with the landscape, ever drawn towards the vast sea of cosmic unity.

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Druid: Stewards of Harmony

Walking the path of the Druid entails a delicate balance between the material and spiritual realms of existence. As stewards of life in all its forms, Druids maintain equilibrium between the primal vitality of Abred and the harmony of Ceugant. Druids often establish sacred spaces in the physical world to foster this harmony, such as stone circles or groves. These are not just places of worship but are conduits that channel the Awen into the physical realm.

These sacred spaces connect us with nature and provide an understanding of the spiritual essence that permeates all creation. Through rituals, ceremonies, and their sheer presence, these spaces facilitate the communion between the physical and spiritual, the mundane and the divine.

Druids might fulfill their role as stewards through various means such as healing, teaching, or creating, always guided by their commitment to preserve the dynamic balance of life and honor the interconnectedness of all things. This path requires an immersion in the material world while maintaining sight of the spiritual. As cultivators of wisdom and guardians of harmony, Druids appreciate the richness of physical existence while continually seeking spiritual truths hidden in the folds of everyday life.

They support the evolution of consciousness and play a pivotal role in guiding others through their journeys, fostering unity in diversity, and nurturing an environment conducive to growth and transformation. With their sacred spaces and wisdom, they help align the energy of the material world with the divine harmony of the Awen.

Druids should strive to bridge the material and spiritual worlds, acting as custodians of balance and flow between the realms. This sacred responsibility involves nurturing the symbiosis between the physical and the divine, ensuring that the interplay of Gwyar, Calas, and Nwyfre is maintained in all forms of existence. In this sacred duty, Druids find their purpose and path toward the Awen.

The Mystic: Union

Embarking on the path of The Mystic is to undertake a journey of profound inner exploration. Unlike the Warrior and the Druid, the Mystic’s primary focus is the internal journey toward unity with the Awen. Their goal is to transcend the limitations of the individual self, stripping away the layers of illusion and separation that obscure our innate connection with the divine essence.

Mystics may engage in practices such as meditation, introspection, and creative expression to facilitate this inner transformation. They perceive gods not as separate entities but as individual expressions of the Awen’s infinite essence. Their mission is to guide others towards a direct experience of the Awen, preparing them for the ultimate reunion with the origin of all life.

Despite their inward focus, Mystics contribute significantly by sharing their insights and experiences. Their wisdom can inspire others to recognize the divine presence within themselves and embark on their journey toward unity with the Awen.

The ultimate aim of the Mystic is to dissolve into this cosmic sea, losing themselves to find themselves within the infinite expanse of the Awen. This journey towards unity is not a loss but the most profound form of gaining – the gaining of a universal self, a self that is interconnected with all of existence. Mystics should strive for this dissolution of the self, embracing the surrender of the ego, to find their unity with the Awen, and in doing so, illuminate the path for others.


The Warrior, the Druid, and the Mystic each approach their spiritual journey uniquely. The Warrior fights to create a world that reflects the Awen’s abundance. The Druid navigates the balance between the material and spiritual realms. The Mystic delves deep within to unite with the divine essence. Yet, they are all guided by the same goal: to realize the Awen’s presence in all aspects of existence and to help others do the same.

No path is superior or inferior to the others; each has challenges and rewards. Individuals may find themselves drawn to one path at a certain point in their lives, only to shift to another as they grow and evolve. It’s not about reaching a destination but about experiencing the journey, learning, growing, and changing as we move through the circles of life.

As we embody these teachings and integrate them into our lives, we not only enrich our journey but also contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness. Whether we find ourselves in the realm of Abred, Gwynvyd, or Ceugant, whether we walk the path of the Warrior, the Druid, or the Mystic, our journey is part of the Awen’s grand dance of creation. As we experience, learn, and grow, we help the Awen know itself and make itself known, enriching the universe with our unique expressions of the divine. We are all facets of the Awen, connected to each other and to the cosmos.


Awen, Divine Breath.
In you, we move, breathe, and find our being,
As Warriors, may we mirror your abundance,
As Druids, may we channel your harmony,
As Mystics, may we unite with your divine essence.

In return, nourish us with your wisdom,
Enrich us with your mysteries,
Empower us with the pulse of your cosmic rhythm.

Guide us through the labyrinths of Abred, Gwynvyd, and Ceugant
For, in serving you, we are served.

May our every breath echo the Awen’s song,
Creating harmonies that weave the fabric of reality.
May our every step resonate with your cosmic dance,
Carrying us through the circles of life.

We are the children of the cosmos,
Echoes of all there is and all that will be,
In eternal flow.


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