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The Egregore of Capital

The Egregore of Capital: On Mythological Warfare

Capitalism has become all pervasive in our material lives, there is no escape. Everywhere we go, our psyches are under the constant assault by the sigils of dead and decaying capital. Even when we travel far into “the wilderness” (managed by the laws of Capitalist efficiency of course) we find ourselves breathing polluted air and swimming in waters contaminated by plastic. … Continue readingThe Egregore of Capital: On Mythological Warfare

Wheel of the Year: Beltane

Beltane was the summer festival of the Celtic people in celebration of the returning fertility of the Earth. Many of the festivals and rituals revolved around blessing and protecting livestock or crops. The Aos sí were thought to be particularly active at this time and people would often leave offering for them. Extensive historical records have been found for the celebration of Beltane in both Ireland and Scotland. … Continue readingWheel of the Year: Beltane