The Egregore of Capital

The Egregore of Capital: On Mythological Warfare

Capitalism has become all pervasive in our material lives, there is no escape. Everywhere we go, our psyches are under the constant assault by the sigils of dead and decaying capital. Even when we travel far into “the wilderness” (managed by the laws of Capitalist efficiency of course) we find ourselves breathing polluted air and swimming in waters contaminated by plastic. … Continue readingThe Egregore of Capital: On Mythological Warfare

A New Mythology

If we are to move forward from this and cultivate a myth that begins to reconcile the damage done we need to replace it with a new modern myth. By modern myth I mean an updated tradition that doesn’t reject all the good that modern Science has brought us but simultaneously rejects the Materialist, anti-Human, and non-Biocentric elements of it. … Continue readingA New Mythology

The Lost Tribe: A Proposal

The Celtic peoples were a linguistic-cultural group in Europe around 1400BCE. The history of the Celts is a subject of controversy in part because the Celts weren’t too keen on keeping a lot of written records but also due to subjugation from various imperial powers namely the Roman Empire. Few scholars can agree on what metric to use to decide who was and wasn’t Celtic. The most common defining factor is use of Celtic languages. From here Celts are generally subdivided into one of two groupings P-Celtic/Q-Celtic or insular vs continental Celts. … Continue readingThe Lost Tribe: A Proposal