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Dispelling Misconceptions: The Abolition of Whiteness

The abolition of whiteness does not aim to negate individuals or their heritages. Instead, it seeks to deconstruct an oppressive system, foster greater equity, and encourage introspection about the roles each of us unconsciously plays within this paradigm. More than mere acknowledgment of these structures is required. We must be committed to materially deconstructing the forces of racialization in our societies.

The Decaying Idol of Humanism And The Return of the Dead God

The mythologies of Humanism rose to prominence as the bedrock of liberal society after the death of God in European Christian society. Boldly, Liberal society charged forward, promising a new age of enlightenment under the doctrine of reason, compassion, human agency, and Scientific Materialism. In taking on this Scientific Materialist perspective, all had assumed that rule of myth was gone, and the fate of man rested in the hands of “the people” guided by the infallibility of objective truths.

The Egregore of Capital: On Mythological Warfare

The Egregore of Capital

Capitalism has become all pervasive in our material lives, there is no escape. Everywhere we go, our psyches are under the constant assault by the sigils of dead and decaying capital. Even when we travel far into “the wilderness” (managed by the laws of Capitalist efficiency of course) we find ourselves breathing polluted air and swimming in waters contaminated by plastic.

The Masque of Whiteness

The Masque of Whiteness

The Conservative reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic has seemed bizarre to many Liberals and those on the political Left. However, I would argue that the phenomenon is fairly easy to understand if we analyze the situation from the perspective of identity and whiteness. From this analysis, we can make a solid case for the abolition […]

Ritual Reimagined: Crafting Practices for the Modern World

Every person engages in some form of ritual behavior. For as long as human beings have existed on this planet, we have created and acted out rituals of every variety. From a morning coffee routine to participating in Sunday mass, rituals guide and shape our lives. This article an introduction to what will be a series of articles on modern ritualism. I hope to explore how we, as pagans in this modern society, can work to better our lives by refining our rituals and methods of worship.

Touta Caillte: A Proposal

The Celtic peoples were a linguistic-cultural group in Europe around 2800BCE. The history of the Celts is a subject of controversy in part because the Celts weren’t too keen on keeping a lot of written records but also due to subjugation from various imperial powers, namely the Roman Empire. Few scholars can agree on what metric to use to decide who was and wasn’t Celtic. The most common defining factor is use of Celtic languages. From here Celts are generally subdivided into one of two groupings either P-Celtic vs Q-Celtic or insular vs continental Celts.

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