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Viriathus: The Courageous Shepherd Who Defied an Empire

Viriathus - Statue of Viriato, at Zamora, Spain

Under the shadow of ancient oaks in the rugged terrain of Lusitania, a young shepherd named Viriathus watched as Roman legions marched through his homeland. This was not just the invasion of a land; it was an assault on a way of life, a culture, and a people. From these humble beginnings rose a leader who would become Rome’s greatest adversary in the Iberian Peninsula.

Ambiorix: The Cunning Hero of the Eburones

Ambiorix: The Cunning Hero of the Eburones

Little is known about the early life of Ambiorix, but by adulthood, he had become one of the principal leaders of the Eburones, a tribe part of the larger Belgae confederation. Located in what is now Belgium, the Eburones were strategically positioned along the Rhine, a major frontier for the expanding Roman Empire.

Vercingetorix: The Great Warrior King of Gaul

Vercingetorix was born the son of Celtillus the Arvernian, a Gallic tribal leader. Accounts of Celtillus are conflicting; however, according to Caesar, he was put to death for attempting to consolidate all the tribes of Gaul. While he failed, he would certainly serve as an inspiration to his son, who would envision a Gaul returning to its Celtic roots, free of Germanic raiders and Roman rulers.

Barbarian Ancestor Worship: An Introduction

We are proud to announce the Barbarian Ancestor Worship Series. This series delves deep into the history of significant figures across indigenous European traditions, spotlighting those who fiercely defended their people. Notable individuals include the Celtic Vercingetorix, who led a unified resistance against the Roman Empire; Boudicca, the queen who rebelled against Roman occupation in Britain; and the Germanic Arminius, known for his strategic defeat of three Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest.

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