Sinnser Adora : An Introduction to Celtic Ancestor Worship

Sinnser Adora : An Introduction to Celtic Ancestor Worship

We are proud to announce the Celtic Ancestor Worship Series. This series will cover the history of important figures in Celtic history, focusing on those who acted in defense of the Celtic people. Some examples of those figures are Vercingetorix, Boudicca and Boduognatus.

Sinnser (Old Irish)
  1. the elder, eldest
  2. senior
  3. (in plural) elders, ancestors, forefathers
Ad·ora (Old Irish)
  1. to adore
  2. to worship

The objectives of this project are as follows:

  • Education on Celtic history
  • Creation of a Celtic ancestor worship tradition
  • Utilize this tradition to combat modern whiteness and organizations that support it

Each release in the ancestor worship series will cover how these individuals changed the course of Celtic history as well as suggested practices for worship.

All of these figures were very influential during their respective times. The only excuse for the absence of them from the societal zeitgeist is a culture war to prevent the revival of European Indigenous traditions.

We all have a tradition of indigenous resistance that is culturally available to us. A line can be drawn with retaliative ease between the Roman Empire, the Celtic Genocide, the proto-whiteness of Christianization, global English imperialism and modern day whiteness.

We recognize the strength and wisdom that resides within each individual, and we honor the collective power of communities coming together. In our pursuit of transformation and liberation, we acknowledge the ancestral spirits who have paved the way for us and the divine forces that inspire and protect us.

With reverence for the interconnectedness of past, present, and future, let us draw strength from the wisdom and guidance of those who came before us. We acknowledge the resilience of our ancestors, whose struggles and triumphs have shaped our journey. They dwell within us, let their spirits animate our hearts and minds.

We must once again sound the carnyx, and continue this fight into the modern era to reclaim the culture, spirituality, and community that is rightfully ours.

Many battles have been lost but the war is not yet over.

For further reading see: Vercingetorix: The Great Warrior King of Gaul

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